Efia Leatham is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Impact Speaker, Minister, Victory Mindset Coach and the owner of Kingdom Beads. She hosts the weekly broadcast #FRAMEYOURDAY with Efia and can be found streaming live, Thursdays at 1 PM EST on Facebook, Instagram and Periscope Live. The broadcast, an extension of her books, Frame Your Day for Victory in 60 Seconds and her latest book, Frame Your Day,Frame Your Life for Victory in 60 Seconds, and helps individuals to reframe their thinking and mindset to one of consistent victory, to see the manifestation of achievable goals and desired outcomes.

Efia is a former radio personality at iPowerFM, iRescueFM and K107frnjAMZ.com. She also hosts a weekly prayer group for women and provides a place of healing and hope through raw and truth-filled sharing of life\'s learned lessons. Her passion for helping others win is experienced when speaking on air, on stage and one on one motivational impact sessions. She also has Project Warm Up, a homeless ministry, sharing love, hope, and tangible goods to the many she crosses path with.

Efia is also the author of the children\'s inspirational book, Frame Your Day for Victory for the School Year. To contact Efia about book discussions or for speaking engagements.

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