Reverend Karen Proudlove - Brown serves as Area Manager at Christian Horizons and as Reverend at The Testament Church of Christ the Redeemer of Canada. Rev Proudlove - Brown is a mother, Transformational Speaker, Preacher, Teacher, Psalmist, Coach, and Mentor. She serves as Praise and Worship Leader/Psalmist, Lady\'s Director, and Missionary at the New Testament Church of Christ the Redeemer of Canada. Karen shares her story by delivering Inspiring lectures on her journey through healing- emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. She has a passion to see God\'s people live a life of Purpose through the Power of the Holy Ghost. She is married with five children, who keep her very occupied through competitive cheerleading and Basketball across Canada and the United States. She brings her audience a unique perspective on issues many face each day. She is an over comer and a force to be reckoned with both in the Body of Christ and the Market place. With a background of Business Management, and a Post Graduate in Case Management, She works in the marketplace as Area Manager for the past 19 years with Christian Horizons serving people who experience disabilities to belong to their communities in which their God given gifts are valued and respected.

She is an over comer and destined for greatness. She has experienced many emotional traumas that should\'ve caused her to give up and be defeated. God had other plans for her life. Her testimony of how to overcome setbacks in life for an awesome comeback was written and orchestrated by the Holy Ghost. \"For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: for it is the Power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth, to the Jesus Christ, and also to the Greek\", (Romans 1:16).

She is the co-founder of the organization 70X7 Enterprises - a personal development company for women and youths, facilitating group coaching, professional development. 70x7 Enterprises comes alongside women and youths to find their Voice in order to fulfill their God ordained Purpose.

As a speaker and Life Coach, I use my story to inspire women and youths to overcome obstacles and challenges in order to achieve their greatest potential. I have delivered life transforming messages to diverse audience. I have Preached, Minister in Song, and Teach to different audience to divide the word of truth. I have dedicated my life to positively impact the lives of God\'s people. I have chosen to use my story and the word of God to serve my community and the world.