Monique Prince Speaks

Monique Prince Speaks

Welcome to Monique Prince Speaks! 

A platform created to share testimonials, knowledge as well as have good  conversation with Monique and women of influence.

With Monique’s passion to speak, she understands the importance of taking full accountability over everything that she declares with her mouth on any platform.   

“The Tool of Speaking is an ability that can often be overlooked in many areas of our lives. To be gifted with speech Monique believes that the power of speaking is a priviledge and should be recognized”……..M.Prince

Monique Prince’s Daily Declaration:

With my mouth I will speak truth, I will speak blessings, I will speak life only and I will speak edification. 1 Peter 4:11

“Speaking has power and the things we say verbally has a divine connection with what is on the inside of every person.”…..M.Prince 

We look forward to you joining Monique Prince Speaks on YouTube.

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